What is a 5 Panel hat?

What is a 5 Panel hat?

There is a lot of confusing information on the internet about 5 Panel hats.  Contrary to popular understanding, there are actually two kinds of 5 Panel hats.  Before explaining what the two kinds are, it is important to understand what a ‘panel’ is.  

What is a Panel?

  • All baseball hats have a brim, this however is the only constant.  
  • The shape and feel of the hat, as well as the fit is determined by the number of individually cut pieces of fabric which are attached to the brim.  
  • A 5 Panel hat means there are 5 additional template shapes cut to create the hat structure (these are the pieces that encircle and sit on the head).  There are also 6 and 7 panel varieties.

The Camp

The most common 5 Panel hat is sometimes called a ‘Camp’. This has:

  • A long panel at the front (the crown)
  • Two on the top stretching backwards and one on each side running along the temple.
  • These panels meet in the back creating the opening.
  • The opening for these hats are often adjusted using a leather, fabric or plastic strap.
  • This hat has a lower profile than a snapback, trucker or a Dad cap.  
  • They also do not have a button (Squatchee) on the top.

You can see the construction clearly here in our STATIQUE hat template:

And this is the finished article, note the low profile created by the long vertical panel on the crown:

However, there is another 5 Panel out there, although at DV we prefer to call it a '5 and a half Panel' to distinguish between the two kinds.  

The 5 and a half panel

This second type of 5 Panel (or 5 and a half Panel as we refer to it, to avoid confusion) is a kind of snapback.  The majority of snapbacks are 6 Panel in design, which means on the crown (front) of the hat there are two panels, however this variant instead has a single panel of fabric on the crown which is folded to match the shape of the rest of the cap, leaving a small line of stitching to the top of the cap. This gives a slightly squarer front to the hat, which looks more like a Trucker shape.

You can see the construction in our TEST DE VUE hat, note the seam fold just above the top DV:

All the hats featured in this blog post are available to buy at our STORE we believe the little details to our hats and process set us apart from other more generic hat brands.  Please keep an eye out for more blog posts, they will be announced on our Insta: @dv_double_vision in due course! 


I had no idea about all of this very interesting! Which one gives a better shape and lasts longer ?

Conor John OMara

This is a great idea!!!

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