DOUBLE | VISIÓN was born from a feeling that headwear had become too stylistically dominated by a logo and that hats should be used to express ourselves in a more personal way. 

We wanted to make hats that were not conceived for mass market appeal.  And we wanted to make them using an artistic process, with each hat having a message.

We also decided to try new approaches to the design and production process of the hats to ensure a higher quality of product and experiment with new materials/design features within our collections. 

One of our first challenges was to create hats where the patterning meshed and continued over seamlines (which are where the panel structure of the hats are attached).  Traditionally mass market manufacturers are unable to deliver cross panel connections of patterning.  Our first hat designs, the VISAGES collection, were born from this long process. 

Our aim is to help influence the industry to make smaller, sustainable and more striking headwear collections.


Our name, DOUBLE | VISIÓN, refers to the fact that life must be viewed and understood through two lenses, pleasure and pain.  One cannot exist without the other. 

This duality is at the core of our designs.

The decisions we make should not be based on fear of painful outcomes, or hope of pleasurable ones. They should be based on our passion. This transcends everything.